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How a Rock Chip is Repaired

It happens to everyone. You are driving down the road and BANG! A rock was kicked up by another vehicle and connected spectacularly with your windshield. Now you are left with a lovely reminder.

Now what do you do?

The simple answer is to get it fixed. Here at LAND Auto Center we can fix most rock chips in your windshield quickly and, most importantly, inexpensively.

Before we get into what the process is to fix that pesky rock chip, let’s talk about why you want to get it fixed.

Why should I fix it?

There are a few great reasons why you should fix that rock chip now:

1.      Safety

Your windshield stands between you and the elements. It is a key safety feature of your vehicle, and a small chip from a rock can affect its structural integrity. It can also affect your line of sight while driving, another safety concern. Repairing the chip right away restores the windshield to its original strength and is virtually invisible, keeping your line of sight clear.

2.      Cost

Shall we compare the cost of a rock chip repair to that of a new windshield? At LAND Auto Center our Rock Chip Repairs only cost $19.99. Compared to a windshield that starts around $300, that is a big savings!

If you take care of your windshield and get those rock chips repaired before they become a problem your pocketbook will thank you.

3.      Time

Getting that rock chip looked at right away doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day. In fact it only takes about 15 minutes to get it all fixed up!

And, you don’t even need an appointment. Drop in to LAND Auto Center during our business hours and we will get you in and fixed up in no time at all.

So All Rock Chips Can Be Repaired?

Unfortunately, no. There are a few instances when a rock chip can’t be fixed.

-          The chip is smaller than the diameter of a toonie

-          It is located at least 4cm from the edge of the windshield

-          It is not located within the line of sight of the driver.

-          The rock has not gone through the windshield – it does happen from time to time

When you come in to get your rock chip fixed, we will take a look at it and assess the next best steps. More often than not we can fix it up no problem and get you back on the road. Sometimes however the chip has spread into a crack or is too big to be fixed. In those instances, we would recommend a new windshield and can get you a quote for one.

How Is It Done?

The process is pretty simple actually. And starts with cleaning out the affected area.

1.      Clean

We make sure any debris and potential contaminates are removed from the area. Making sure the chip is clean first ensures that the resin will hold and create a strong bond with the windshield glass.

2.      Resin

The chip is sealed in a chamber and a liquid resin is inserted to fill in the space.

3.      Pressure

Next the chamber is pressurized. This pushes the liquid resin into all the nooks and crannies of the rock chip.

4.      Harden

A UV light is used to harden the resin and creates a bond between the resin and the glass that is virtually invisible.

5.      Buff

The final step is to ensure the resin is flush to the glass by buffing the surface gently. This helps to further the seamless appearance of the fix.

Getting that pesky rock chip dealt with is easy with LAND Auto Center. We have all your automotive glass needs handled, from rock chip repairs to wiper blades to washer fluid to new windshields. Come in today to see how we can help you see clearer this spring.

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