RX Antimicrobial Film

Surface Protection | Gloss and Matte Protective Film

RX Antimicrobial Film has been specially formulated to resist the growth of microbes on its surface, guarding against degradation from microorganisms. Treated with a fungistatic agent to protect the film from fungal growth, RX also contains zinc pyrithione which inhibit the growth of microbes on the film's surface. Improve screen clarity, impact resistance, and stay safe with RX Antimicrobial Film. RX is available in both high gloss & matte finishes.

XPEL Vision - Architectural Window Films

It's time to get a new outlook on your home, office, and personal spaces with XPEL VISION Architectural Window Film. Offering a wide array of solar and security film solutions to suit any need, VISION Architectural Window Film is designed to help reduce heat, lower energy costs, and maintain the comfort & protection you desire.

  •     Help Lower Energy Costs

  •     Reduce Sun Glare & Hot Spots

  •     Increase Privacy Indoors

  •     Protect from 99% of Harmful UV A / UV B

  •     Increase Comfort Indoors

  •     Deter Unauthorized Entry

xpel vision solar.jpg


This film combines solar energy rejection with security film features to keep you safer while staying cool. SOLAR Series available in Clear View Plus, Clear View, Daylight, Crystal Clear, Evening View, One Way, Bronze, Silver.

xpel vision safety.jpg


A virtually clear layer of strong PET with 99% UV filtration. This is the best solution to secure glass in event of a breakage. SAFETY Series available in Clear 4, 7, 8, 12 and 15 Mil thick safety film.

xpel vision security.jpg


Deter unauthorized entry and burglary with VISION security film. SECURITY Series available in 8Mil, 12Mil, 15Mil thick.

xpel vision anti graffiti.jpg


This film helps protect glass that has been vandalized by graffiti, scratching, acid, etc. ANTI-GRAFFITI Series available in Clear 4 and 6 Mil thick Anti-Graffiti film for interior and/or exterior application.

xpel vision exterior.jpg


With the exterior reflectivity of this film, you can enjoy all aspects of privacy and block solar heat, keeping you comfortable and saving on energy costs. Silver available in 20% VLT.

xpel vision decorative.jpg


Designer series films for unique accents and decorative window coverings. DECORATIVE Series available in semi-transparent White Matte and non-transparent Whiteout and Blackout.

XPEL Automotive Paint Protection

Protect the Beauty of your Vehicle

A vehicle is the 2nd largest investment in a life time, keep it looking great and protected from road debris and weather conditions with Xpel Paint Protection. Affordable way to keep your paint looking great for years to come. Aids in resale value.

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