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Our Favourite Clearance Items!

Recently we made a very large bulk order from a supplier of single item accessories that fit some older vehicles. There are some very cool accessories that can be found in this order, and some that are really hard to find too!

Not only is there a lot of amazing accessories here, we’ve also discounted them too! You can save up to 65% OFF on these items!

There are a lot of items to go through, and that can be intimidating. So, to give you an idea of some of the just really neat items we managed to pick up, we thought we would share our favourite items that can be found from this order!

Truck Bed Storage

Better utilize the space your truck bed provides with a Decked Storage System!

This storage system can increase the utility of your truck bed by -100%. It is made of out of a high impact-resistant polymer resin that is co-molded to a steel subframe. This means you can still load up and haul those heavy items while still being organized!

We have just one of these in stock. It fits 2017-2023 Ford Superduty with a 6.9’ box.

$900 (was $2,500).

4” Lift Kit

If you have been considering lifting your truck now is your chance!

A lifted trucks has multiple advantages, and only one of them is that it looks cool.

The additional clearance will make it easier to get over obstacles. You will have no issue getting through roads covered in deep snow with a lifted truck.

By riding higher in the cab, you will also be able to increase your visibility. This will allow you to react quickly when traffic abruptly changes.

A lifted truck can fit larger wheels and tires. This can enhance traction that you need to haul heavy loads.

We have a 4” Lift Kit available for a 2014-2018 Ford F-150 for $425 (was $1,500).

Spare Tire Mount

Where do you put that spare tire in your truck? You don’t want it to roll around in your truck bed. Nor do you want it taking up valuable space in your cab.

The answer is simple: A Spare Tire Mount!

The universal spare tire mount from Fabtech allows you to securely carry a full-size spare tire in the bed of your truck. Installation requires drilling 4 holes to secure.

You can grab yours for just $24 (originally $256)!

This is not even the end of the amazing things we have. Tonneau covers, floor liners, seat covers, dash cams, grille inserts: if you are looking for a way to spruce up your vehicle this spring we have got it!

Come in today to find your new vehicle accessory! Or give us a call and we can help you out over the phone.


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