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Our June Favourites Take You Outdoors

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

After months of being cooped up during a cold winter, we are out of the house and ready for adventure. Summer is here and that means reconnecting with nature.

The first official day of summer is Wednesday, June 21, and we have everything you need for summer fun in your backyard, or out in nature camping.

Jocelyne's Favourite: Outland Fire Bowl

What is the summer season without a campfire? With ongoing dry condition in the province, we are experiencing fire bans. This makes it hard to enjoy a s'more!

Luckily the Outland Fire Bowl is propane powered, meaning it is except from fire bans, as there is a quick turn-off switch.

"My favorite thing for this month is our fire bowls with all the fire bans it’s a great way to have a fire, whether its in your back yard or camping! We have 2 sizes to choose from." - Jocelyne, LAND Auto Parts and Sales Associate.

Cassie's Favourite: Thermacell Tick Repellant

The warm weather means the reemergence of bugs, in particular ticks. If you are the type to walk or hike through long grass or wooded areas, you know the frustration of tick checks.

The Thermacell Tick Control Tubes is a no-spray, no-mess, easy way to kill deer ticks and prevent the spread of Lyme and other diseases and can provide tick protection for you and your pets in an area up to 1 ACRE!

"My favourite product of the month is our new tick repellent. With tick season full force it’s a great reassurance I can set up a parameter in my home or camping to keep myself and my two dogs safe!" - Cassie, LAND Auto Parts and Sales Associate.

Whatever your summer adventure may be, LAND Auto Center has what you need for fun in the sun! From vehicle parts, to accessories like light bars, mud flaps, running boards, tonneau covers and more, or even items to get your ready for camping and the beach, we have what you need for a summer full of fun and adventure!

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