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Accessorize Your Truck this July

Summer is here and with it comes fun, adventure and some work. We have two whole months to get out and explore and get some of those pesky to-dos off the list.

Whether your summer is full of work and house projects, or heading out camping in the back woods, we have some products that will make your life just a little easier.

Our favourite products for July are all about storage and protecting items in your truck bed!

Cassie’s Favourite: Sawtooth Tonneau Cover

Sawtooth Tonneau Covers uses a state-of-the-art design that can stretch around large and unusually shaped objects. With this new tonneau cover, you are no longer limited in your ability to haul cargo. Whatever you’re hauling and whatever shape your haul might be, the Sawtooth Tonneau Cover offers strong, durable, and innovative solutions.

This truck bed cover is weather-proof, cut resistance, and made of high-quality, lightweight materials.

“My favourite item is the new sawtooth tonneau cover, it is a new tonneau cover that is expandable. You can load anything you need in your truck bed and not have to worry about your tonneau cover not being able to close as it expands over your load.” – Cassie, LAND Auto Parts and Sales Associate.

Jocelyne’s Favourite: Decked Out System

The Decked Out Systems allows you to organize and store items in your truck bed safely and securely. There are different options, so you can get exactly what you want and need out of your truck bed storage.

Drawer System: Make your truck into an organized sanctuary. Securely stow your tools, toys, and other important stuff in a tough, weatherproof, modular environment.

Cargoglide: This feature literally brings your stuff out to you on smooth rolling bearings with a payload up to one metric ton.

Tool Box: Show your tools some respect! Give them a modern, waterproof, secure, and easily accessible place to call home.

“My favourite thing for July is the Decked Out System, Secure weathertight organized storage. Lots of organizational solutions available.
Fun fact: You can use them as a live well for fishing!!!” Jocelyne, LAND Auto Parts and Sales Associate.

Whatever is in store for you this month we have what you need. From vehicle parts, to accessories like light bars, mud flaps, running boards, tonneau covers and more. We even have items to get you ready for camping and the beach. Everything you need for a summer full of fun and adventure can be found at LAND Auto Center!


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