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Summer-Ready with our Monthly Favourite Products

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The days are getting warmer, and we are seeing temperatures in the double digits more and more often. The team here at LAND Auto Center is dreaming of days lazing about in the backyard, road trips to the beach and days in the driveway cleaning and outfitting our dream car.

This month our favourite products are the perfect items to get you ready for spring and summer. And with the May Long Weekend creeping up on us, you will want to get your summer items ready!

Jocelyne's Favourite: Thermacell Radius Mosquito Repellent

Thermacell Radiant Mosquito Repellent

With the return of warmer weather means the inevitable return of our least favourite pest: mosquitoes.

The Thermacell Radius Mosquito Repellent is the perfect thing to keep those pesky bugs at bay. It can decreased the number of mosquitoes within a 24-foot radius of the device by nearly 90%!

Thermacell’s mosquito repellent devices come in two main varieties – “fuel powered” (butane) and battery powered. They all operate basically the same way and give the same amount of repellent effect.

The Radius is battery-powered and has a reservoir of pesticide and a wick. The battery heats the wick which released the pesticide into the air to create the barrier effect. A single battery charge will operate the Radius for about 6 and a half hours. When replacing the repellent, Theramacell offers those in both 12-hour and 40-hour sizes. Which means of hours of fun in the back yard, camping or at the beach!

I have one of these and I love it. It works really well and keeps mosquitoes away wherever I have it set up. I especially like it when we go out camping. - Jocelyne, Parts and Retail Advisor

Cassie's Favourite: Blow-up Stand Up Paddleboard

Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

Nothing says summer fun like a trip to the beach! And what could be better than paddling along calm waters and taking in the summer sunshine?

This paddleboard blows up in minutes, and deflates just as fast for easy storage. It is 11 feet long once blown up. It can be used while standing or kneeling and if you have any sense of balance you can even practice yoga while floating!

It is a beginner friendly SUP (standup paddle board) and comes with everything you need to take on the beach: pump, paddle and bag to transport are all included.

I bought one of these last summer and I love it! I have been looking forward to breaking it out for the season as soon as we started to see the snow and ice melt. - Cassie, Parts and Retail Advisor.

Whatever your need for the spring and summer season, LAND Auto Center is here to get you ready. From vehicle parts, to accessories like light bars, mud flaps, running boards, tonneau covers and more, or even items to get your ready for camping and the beach, we have your back! And don't forget, we are so excited for the warm weather that we are offering FREE SHIPPING on orders $250 or more!


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