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Our Favourite Products to Get Us Through the Winter Blues

Winter is cold and dark, and it feels never ending. The winter time can be full of fun and adventure, but the cold temperatures and the short days can bring us down.

While we can't make the sun rise and earlier, nor control the temperature, we here at LAND Auto have a few favourites, to make winter much more bearable.

Cassie's Pick: LED Headlights

In the winters here in Canada it gets dark early and it stays dark for a long time. Having a good set of headlights is incredibly important, especially when it gets darks before 5 pm!

LED head lights are a great option to upgrade your vehicle. LED's are brighter than halogens and cast a wider pattern. This means you can see farther ahead and in your peripheral.

If you drive a lot on rural roads, LED headlights are a godsend. No rouge animals are going to be jumping out at you without you seeing them first!

"When its dark at night you have the peace of mind being able to see not only the roads but whatever comes out of the ditches they make sure you can get home safely." Cassie, LAND Auto Center Sales and Parts Associate.

Jocelyn's Pick: Thaw Rechargeable Hand Warmer

It starts getting cold in October and it often stays cold until May, which is a long time to feel cold. Canadians have become experts at finding ways to stay warm, even in the deepest depths of winter.

Sometimes though, gloves can only do so much to keep the chill at bay. This is where the Thaw Rechargeable Hand Warmer comes in handy. These reusable handwarmers will keep your hands toasty whether you are exploring the great outdoors, or sitting in the arena watching a riveting game of hockey. These are also great to keep in the car in case of emergency!

"My monthly favorite is the Thaw hand warmers they keep my hands toasty warm!" Jocelyn, LAND Auto Center Sales and Parts Associate

LAND Auto has all you could want or need to thrive and shine this winter. Afterall, we don't want you to just survive winter, we want you to Outperform Winter!


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