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Our Favourite Products to get You Ready for Spring

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The first day of spring is March 20. While the snow is still firmly on the ground, the days are growing longer and the wind seems a touch warmer. Spring is indeed on its way.

If you are anything like us, you are itching for warmer weather, sunshine, camping, and road trips.

We have a few items that are getting us ready for spring!

Jocelyn's Favourite: Kuma Spring Bear Chair

Imagine sitting out in nature, your back deck or a remote camp site. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining, and you are sitting in a comfortable, portable rocking chair.

The Spring Bear Chair is exactly that! Gently rock and sway to the sounds of nature in this uniquely designed spring-based folding chair.

It has sturdy powder coated steel frame and padded seat and arm rests, which means it is both sturdy and comfortable.

I love this chair. It is probably my favourite of the who line. I suggested it to everyone." Jocelyn, LAND Auto Center Sales and Parts Associate

Cassie's Favourite: Surf City Garage Cleaning Supplies

There is something extremely satisfying about have a car that is clean and seems to sparkle in the sunlight. With the Surf City Garage line of cleaning product that can be your reality.,

Sure you can get a professional detailing done, nothing wrong with that, these product will help keep your vehicle looking like it just came out of the detailing bay.

The Surg City Garage Products makes it easy for you to maintain the eye-catching, sparkling clean look, and gives you the satisfaction of a job well done.

With spring on the way, Spring Cleaning is on my mind, for both my house and my car. Surf City Garage cleaning products are perfect to get that Spring Cleaning done." Cassie, LAND Auto Center Sales and Parts Associate.

LAND Auto Center has all you could want or need to shake off those winter blue and get ready for the quickly approaching spring. To celebrate the change in seasons we are offering free shipping on orders totaling $250 or more!


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